About us

Marine Research Ltd. is a service company whose activity spans in various fields of marine and related sciences: marine geology and geophysics, hydro- and geochemistry, hydrology, marine biology and ecology, marine protected areas, coastal management, cartography and GIS.

Our company aims to provide superior quality at low cost by constantly investing in state of the art equipment and professional training for personnel. We have high-qualified personnel with experience in the acquisition, processing and interpreting acoustical data that forms a collective bound by previous common work experiences. The staff is encouraged to contribute to the improvement of working methodologies in order to achieve greater efficiency and data quality.

The philosophy of our company is best described by mobility and cost-efficiency. All our equipment is easily deployable, thus we are open to work on short notice in any part of the world.

The focus on growth and innovation has always been one of our top priorities. All our activities strictly follow internal procedures that ensure QA/QC in the compliance with international standards (quality, health, safety and environment). The company is certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 27001:2005.

We provide a wide range of services dedicated to industrial and environmental applications regarding the underwater environment:


  • Bathymetrical Surveys
  • Satellite Derived Bathymetry
  • Studies for dredging
  • Microbathymetry
  • Habitat mapping
  • Underwater imagery
  • Seek and rescue operations
  • Marine Archeology
  • Digital cartography
  • Data processing and interpretation
  • Chemical analyses
  • Grain-size analyses
  • Harbour and channel surveys
  • Current profiling
  • ROV inspection
  • Sub-bottom profiling
  • Pipeline inspections and leak detection
  • Monitoring of hydrocarbon emissions