Side-Scan Sonars

The Side Scan Sonar is used for the ultrasonic imaging of the seafloor. It consists of two transducers mounted on each port of an underwater fish. The towed configuration provides better image because it assures a smoother trajectory. It is most useful for seabed mapping, wreck surveys, seek and rescue operations, UXO and object surveys and other applications where imaging the seabed is needed.

IXSEA Elics 400-1250

The Ixsea Elics 400-1250 side-scan sonar is a piece of equipment designed for real time monitoring and analyzing of the seafloor.  This system is a high resolution portable sonar, ideal for shallow water survey. Two frequencies, 400 and 1250 kHz, are available. The 400 kHz frequency is ideal for great coverage (a maximum swath of 300 m) while the 1250 kHz provides centimeter resolution for target identification and characterization. The maximum working depth is 300 meters. The software used for acquisition is either Delph Sonar Acquisition or Hypack.

Imagenex YellowFin

The Imagenex YellowFin side scan is mounted on both our OceanServer Iver 2 AUVs. It is a full-featured dual channel, high resolution, side-scan sonar. It works on three frequencies, 260, 330 and 800 kHz and provides up to 400 m of coverage.

Tritech StarFish 990

The Tritech StarFish 990 side-scan sonar is designed for high resolution imaging and detection of underwater targets. It uses the high frequency of 1 MHz and can cover a swath of up to 70 meters, being the ideal tool for harbour inspections, research and inland waters. It is powered from a 12 V battery. Its main advantage is the small size, making it easily deployable. It can operate from virtually any ship. The whole system can be carried and mounted by just one person, thus being the ideal tool for fast interventions.