We use our boats for work both on inland and coastal waters. They can be used with our wide range of sonars and sensors and as base for launching and recovering AUVs. They follow our philosophy of high mobility being possible to be transported on land to remote spots that are inaccessible on waterways, such as reservoirs.


Explorer is a Benneteau Antares 9 boat. She is 9 meters long, with a draft of 85 centimeters and a displacement of 4.5 tons. It is equipped with an inboard Volvo Penta engine. She has two cabins, a central command one and a storeroom in the bow area, and a bathroom. She is modified to ease the mounting of the Ixsea Elics 400- 1250 side-scan system. The stern platform can be used for launching AUVs, diver support, ROV inspections and for various measurements of physical and chemical parameters of water bodies as well as for bottom sediment sampling.


Shadow is a Benneteau Antares 6.80 boat. She is nearly 7 meters long and 2.54 meters wide, having a draft of 54 centimeters and a displacement of 1,25 tons. She is equiped with an outboard Suzuki engine of 115 HP. She has a central comand cabin that extends towards the bow with a space where equipement can be stored. She can tow all our sonar types. She can also be used for measurements of various physical and chemical parameters of water bodies with CTD equipement and for shallow bottom sediment sampling.


The Buster XL is a sturdy aluminium boat produced by Fiskars. She has a total length of 5.6 meters and a draft of 30 centimeters. She is powered by a Suzuki outboard engine of 90 HP, being able to carry up to seven persons. She offers the advantage of being small and reliable, perfect for navigating in hard to reach areas. She can be used for bathymetry and sub-bottom surveys, sampling, CTD measurements, launching and recovering AUVs, as well as for towing side-scan sonars and logistic support.