Kongsberg GeoSwath Plus Compact

The Kongsberg GeoSwath Plus Compact interferometric sonar is the lightest product in the GeoSwath family. The working frequency is 500 kHz. It provides both underwater sound imaging and bathymetry in high resolution. The sound emission is similar to side-scan sonars, but the reception of the scattered signal is done by an antenna array.  The phase difference of the returning signal is used to calculate the grazing angle. The distance to the target is computed by precisely knowing the speed of sound in the water column. Each ping provides a cloud of approximately 5000 points distributed over the swath.

It can track the bottom to a depth of 50 meters. The covered swath can reach to 12 times the water depth, with a maximum of 190 m. It receives signal over an angle of 240⁰, being ideal for measuring up to the waterline, e.g. from bank to bank in rivers, a huge improvement from traditional multibeam systems.

The positioning is done using an Applanix POS MV SurfMaster system, incorporating high quality inertial sensors with GPS/DGPS. The product was released in 2015. The precision of the positioning is improved by RTK corrections radio transmitted from a Trimble BX982 base station to Pacific Crest ADL Vantage rover. The solution provides a sturdy georeferencing of the data.

The Kongsberg GeoSwath Plus Compact 500 kHz is the best choice for working in extremely shallow water, especially from 0 to 15 m deep, where its high frequency provides high resolution.