Sea&Sun M90 Multiparameter

The Sea & Sun Technology CTD 90M probe is a multiparameter device controlled by a microprocessor for precise vertical profiling as well as for self-contained operation in deep and shallow water. It can be used to measure water physical and chemical properties:

  •          Conductivity
  •          Temperature
  •          Pressure
  •          pH
  •          Redox (oxido-reduction potential)
  •          Dissolved O2
  •          Chlorophyll-A
  •          Light transitivity/turbidity
  •          Water current and direction


Other parameters are computed from the above mentioned: salinity, depth, sound velocity.


Other characteristics:

  •          Recording modes: continuous, time, increment, online (FSK or RS232C)
  •          16 channel data acquisition system with 16 bit resolution
  •          Flash internal memory
  •          High long-time stability and automatic self-calibration of the 20 bit analogue digital converter
  •          Up to 255 casts can be stored in the internal memory
  •          Internal battery operated
  •          Housing is 500 m deep rated